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January 2, 2009

ALL Interviews & Op-eds

If what we learn in the investigation of medieval subject matter is shaped in part by the investigating postmedieval subject, we should all be interested in learning more about how and why scholars, artists, writers, etc., have come to negotiate medieval culture in their lives. Therefore, this section will offer insights into diverse scholarly biographies in the form of interviews. In addition, we offer Op-eds on all forms of medievalism.

List of Interviews & Op-eds:
  • Alfred Thomas: "Politics in a Time of Pandemic: The Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 and the Storming of the Capitol by Trump Supporters in Historical Perspective." LINK
  • Richard Utz: "Adventures in Anglalond: Angles, Saxons, and Academics." LINK
  • Michael Evans: "Distortions of the past for ideological reasons tend to be dangerous:" Interview with Tim O'Neill. LINK
  • Richard Utz: "We Want Wall. We Want Knight. Not. Medievalism and the Atlanta Super Bowl." LINK 
  • Ken Mondschein: "Words and Swords: A Samizdat on Medieval Military History and the Decolonization of the Academy." LINK
  • Julia C. Baumgardt: "Interview with John Cressler." LINK
  • Helen Young: "I see medievalism as a pretty promiscuous thing:" An Interview with Louise D'Arcens. LINK
  • Karl Fugelso: "It's more a part of living culture:" An interview with Sandow Birk, Dante Illustrator. LINK
  • Michael Evans: "My fiction is a natural outgrowth of my fascination with the times:" an interview with Candace Robb. LINK
  • Karl Fugelso: "Art itself is a continual revelation:" Interview with Barry Moser, Dante Illustrator. (LINK)
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