An Open Access Review Journal Encouraging Critical Engagement with the Continuing Process of Inventing the Middle Ages

January 1, 2009


This page, albeit not in alphabetical order, lists key terms used in studies of the reception of medieval culture in postmedieval times:

pastism preservation memorialization Verzeitlichung nostalgia romanticism echo imagination politics consumption trauma invention palimpsest interpretation erasure enlightenment architecture amateur emulation variation carnival revision mirror modernity root music creole humanism revival heritage continuity Mediävalismus subversion copy antiquarianism philology topos enactment mythos ethnicity mentalités art gaming sentimentalism editing aesthetics monumenta medievalismo entertainment neoclassicism Stammbaumtheorie periodicity renaissance figuration Mittelalterkonjunktur representation disciplinarity médiévisme nationalism orientalism neomedievalism history construction reception positivism simulacra analysis gender literature variance Alterität empathy touch ideology media genealogy discovery creation theory religion presentism identity imposture mouvance modernism contiguity inspiration origin desire postmodernity obscurantism science anachronism instrumentalization mimesis idolatry inhabiting commodification retrospective practice ritual enlightenment separation chivalry postcolonialism simulacrum primitivism gothic...